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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Dancing in the darkness

Blind people dancing,
In the ballroom of light,
While the people who see,
Dance in the darkness of night.

The mistakes you make,
No one can see.
Perhaps, only your partner,
Might know, might feel.

The blind keep dancing,
For they cannot tell,
Twixt the light and the dark.
For them, all's well.

But those dancing have,
With the power to see,
The power in a choice,
To see or not to see.

Yet, the responsibility,
They cannot bear,
And so choose to dance,
In the darkness over there.

The power unto them,
They wish to deny,
For in the darkness,
They live a lie.

A symptom of life.
That one last breath,
Against the very last,
Bead of sweat.

Then the music stops.
The darkness remains.
The darkness is clean.
The soul has the stains.

What they see,
They become.
The darkness remains,
Second to none.

Of what you see,
Or of what you don't,
Take solace.
Atleast, you know.

Tell me, who then,
Is the better of the three ?
The blessed or the blind,
Or is it thee ?

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