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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Bride

You see her alight,
With a hidden, shy face.
A radiant smile,
A slow steady pace.

Ravishing and beautiful,
Comes the lovely bride.
Her heart at a flutter,
To be at your side.

Your eyes suddenly meet,
One of her glances.
Then she quickly looks down,
Smiles and blushes.

She knows that now,
Her life will never be the same.
Then she also realises,
She'll lose her maiden name.

And she hopes in her heart,
That her husband will be,
That man of principles,
Truth and honesty.

A man of love,
Kindness and affection,
Yet with strength, valour,
And determination.

But then, all these thoughts,
Just disappear,
For the awaited moment,
Draws near.


Suddenly, it's all over,
And she has to go now.
You can see her pain,
On her parents' brow.

The newly wed,
Are seated in the car.
They know they've left home,
And destiny will take them afar.

Then the car goes off,
Neither slow nor hurried,
With a sign behind saying,
'Just Married'.

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