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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Vanishing into oblivion

Gently swimming and gliding,
Through deep blue oblivion,
I notice light above,
I think it's the sun.

But the light it sheds,
Is harsh and cold.
I think I've heard of it,
From the thick-shelled old.

The old do know,
For they are wise.
Perhaps it's because,
They did survive,

The ordeals of,
The vast blue wild,
Resilient and enduring,
Ever since a child.

Suddenly, oblivion is lost,
And sense awakes.
I see those crisscrossed,
Engulfing snakes.

I cannot understand,
Anything, anymore,
As panic, uninvited,
Enters my mind's door.

I rise up,
Out of the blue.
Then there's darkness,
And something else too.

I try to move,
But it's no use.
To the two around me,
I must be a muse.

The moonlight bounces,
Off the silver blade,
And the uninvited guest,
Begins to play.

The blade moves fast,
But I can't see.
I know it moves so,
Because I feel,

The rush at which,
My life flows away,
Hacked and slashed,
In an indescribable way.

Things have changed.
Now there's no pain,
For that which lived,
Is now slain.

Now there is,
The same sensation,
Gently swimming and gliding,
Through deep blue oblivion.

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