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Monday, May 12, 2008

Let's put Shakespeare to shame

"I think we already have on several occasions."
Ah ! Those were but minor lesions !
Art thou here, my fair lady ?
If, yes, then answer me.

This terrible silence bodes some ill.
Nay ! Perchance, her hot temper, is on me, still.
Alas ! She's offline ! What am I to do ?
Offline, go, I must, too.


Ah ! There you are, my grain of sugar.
Tell me, why did you not linger ?
Was it something you had to do ?
You might have told me, and then left too.


(Don't stop me, when I've got the flow.
This passionate rhythm, it must grow.
But I'll stop, if, you I have hurt,
Or merely caused some discomfort.


Some discomfort I see and so I'll stop.
But loving you, that surely won't stop ...
Sadly, it was all an illusion. Some fun with a friend.
With this realisation, I thus end.

[Conversations with Lavenda]

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