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Thursday, October 26, 2006


A blog is a nice way of saying what you want to say and letting the people who want to hear you, hear it. That was why I decided to get this here. I wanted to express myself. Just like everybody else.

People like expressing themselves. Sometimes, they don't know why, but they like it anyhow. Expression means a lot. A thought doesn't matter unless it's expressed. It doesn't even exist unless it's expressed. Expression is the only proof of its existence. Expression can be an action, a consequence or even a few words, leading to some change. It's sad to think that something as great as a thought becomes non-existent, something without a future, a still born child, if you don't express it.

I have expressed this thought and I will express many more. All in the hope that it will make a difference somewhere, to someone. That will be proof that a thought, such as this, existed. That's all that matters then, isn't it ? Deep down, isn't that what we all want ?

Break the silence.

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