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Sunday, September 02, 2007

The story of the children of the sun

There was a time,
When all that existed,
Was the Sun, the Moon and the Earth,
While the darkness persisted.
One day, when the Moon,
Lifted her dark veil,
The Sun fell in love with her.
So goes the tale.
They were attracted to each other,
And as they danced, moved closer,
Until their cores of love,
Almost touched each other.
The cores touched and there followed,
A great light and sound.
Sparks, or rather star-lings,
Were scattered around.
They moved away a bit.
It was shyness. You could tell.
For a while, with that great family,
Everything went well.
But it wouldn't always be so,
For like true sons of the sun,
Some stars wanted power and glory.
In short, to be the one.
And so a few hid behind,
Their mother's veil of the dark,
And stole some of their father's fire,
But their deed had left a mark.
A few stars outshone their brothers,
Like big pearls in the sky,
But they had fear in their hearts,
And many knew why.
Their heavenly father knew.
Their sad mother saw,
And so they had to fall,
For the breach of the law,
From the heavens above,
To the earth below,
To live in the darkness,
With nowhere to go.
Their power and light,
Was taken and destroyed,
But a tiny fragment,
Escaped and survived.
Yet, that pain was not enough,
For their very grave sin.
Their bellies held that fire,
That scorched them from within.
Their father's wrath.
It killed them every night.
Like Prometheus, they were resurrected,
In time for the next night.
A punishment too great,
Or so their mother thought,
And for some mercy,
With the Sun, she fought.
He flared up and stormed off enraged.
Though it wasn't right,
He swore never to see those brutes,
In that place called night.
Call it mother's love or compassion,
She returned to the night,
To keep alive her fallen children,
With her milky white light.
The heavenly brothers, the stars,
Sat huddled around their mother,
Sharing her grief and their own fright,
Of the fury of their father.
The old Sun sat alone,
Unrivalled in the sky,
Realised his great mistake,
And then began to cry.
As streams of yellow light,
His golden tears fell down,
Making day on earth,
Wherever it touched the ground.
Whenever you hear,
A lost stranger or mariner say,
"Lead kindly light, please.
Oh ! Please, lead the way.",
Remember them for what they were,
Or for what you see them there,
Children of the Sun,
On the Earth, up in the air.
The Sun is also,
The father of man.
So, remember your brothers, reciprocate.
By their side stand.
This is how things,
Were destined to be,
Till the end of time,
For all of eternity.
Now, you know,
The story of day and night,
And the sad history,
Of the firefly's flight,
Towards the heavens,
Towards their mother,
Towards their old home,
Towards their blood brothers.

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