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Friday, December 15, 2006


Art, in its very essence, is the exploration of the beauty of the mind. Art grows deeper, the closer you look. It is perfect never flawed. It grows deeper, for it has much more to offer than itself. In doing so, it takes the perceiver deeper into his thoughts, deeper into his understanding of that art, deeper into the purity of his thoughts which are only of that art, to a point where his heart bursts with the love he has for it. He in turn, can express his love in the creation of more art, not to rival what is in his heart, but to crown it. When you like a colour, or a sound or any other piece of art, it is your heart that has reached out to it. Exploring it within the mind, and thus exploring the mind and heart itself. When you want it again, it is you wishing to go deeper into it, and so into the very depth of bliss which lies in your mind. But here, it is man who must reach deeper and he cannot so so against his will. Art will make a path to tread within the mind. More powerful pieces of art will call out to his heart, but it is he who must listen and perceive. If he cannot perceive, his heart is blind. The fire has been put out. The idea of utility has washed over his existence blurring the goal of his life; To perceive, learn and experience what he sees. Man. A piece of art by God. If man is flawed, then so be God. Man cannot be flawed. For then would not his creator be flawed ? Those things we perceive to be flaws, are not little mistakes but voids of understanding and perception which will be filled in time. And hence we learn. The more we know of our mind, the more we can control it and the more we can harness its power and turn it upon itself to go into the very depths of bliss into a state of primordial creation where you are in control of everything. Where everything you perceive, is perceived as art and the reflection of its beauty which is in you. Where you are everywhere, the embodiment of all, but nowhere, the embodiment of nothing to one who cannot perceive. Where you are, in a sense, God.

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